Meeting called to order at 7:17 PM

Leadership Training Camp:
-There is an attachment of the flyer for a scouts leadership camp

-Kings Soopers Rechargeable cards
-If you did not sign up to receive one at the meeting, please let the crew know that you would like one 

PV Shooting Event: May 15th-16th
- The crew made a sign up sheet for this event so if you are interesting, but were not at the meeting then make sure to find your way on that list at an approaching meeting, or through email (keep in mind that there is a mandatory band meeting that weekend)

Bubble Bump: April 18th or 19th
-Date changed from March to April do to limiting factors

Canoe trip: June
-Desolation Canyon does include class three rapids which would mean, due to BSA regulations, that we would need a guide in each craft which would not be an easy possibility
-There was a vote on whether the crew wanted to keep the trip as a canoe trip and move it to Labyrinth Canyon or stay at desolation canyon and turn it into a rafting trip. The vote was tight but we decided on sticking with a canoe trip, but we will keep rafting in mind as a back up plan.

Ski Trip: March 7th
-Please RSVP by the 23rd if you plan on attending

Canyonlands Backpacking trip: March 21-24
-The cost will be about $100

OKPIK: February 14
-The Hardees will be in charge of cooking
-If you are going, please bring money for breakfast on the way to the sight and money just in case the crew decides to stop for breakfast on the way back and a sack lunch for the first day
-This event has been shortened form a two night trip to a one night trip unless there is another female chaperone and crew member that wants to participate  
-Woodrow’s plan is attached as a .jpg to this email